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Online UG and PG programmes

  • Study from anywhere and at your convenience

  • Study Online for a degree or MBA from a UK University

  • We offer you affordable tuition fees with payment terms for your convenience

  • Study anywhere and at any time using a mobile app.

  • We offer you affordable tuition fees with payment terms for your convenience


Our mission is to develop our students to become world-class business professionals.

During your time with us, not only will you develop skills that are valued by employers, you will have access to a range of opportunities designed to ensure you realize your ambitions.



Teaching and learning
As a student of the Business School and the School of Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management, you will be given the opportunity to develop the necessary professional expertise to secure the career you want.

We recognize that individuals have their own learning preferences, so we deliver teaching in a number of ways to help our students interpret information, think critically, communicate effectively and challenge conventions. Our teaching blends a mixture of contemporary and traditional approaches, including:

  • Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Online Group activities and discussions

  • Webinars

  • Online forums

  • Podcasts

  • As well as Online lectures and seminars

Our staff are highly experienced professionals who have many years of industry and/or research experience in their fields. We maintain extensive links with both academic and professional communities and bring real-life learning into the classroom. In this way, our staff are able to impart this wide-ranging, real-world experience into their teaching, so that you can appreciate realistic scenarios in the world of business, and the competencies required to overcome many business challenges.


The curricula for all of our programmes are informed by employer engagement, market data, developments in discipline-based research and student experience feedback. Working in partnership with employers and professional bodies, we monitor our programmes continuously and undertake whole school periodic reviews every six years. This allows us to take stock of current and future market trends and ensure that we deliver our mission, training our students in the skills and attributes employers seek from future graduates.



Our strategy for skills development includes employing a wide range of assessment tools, which could include:

  • Written examinations

  • Group and/or individual presentations

  • Report writing

  • Applied projects

  • Research dissertation

  • Consultancy dissertation

Integrated online learning

Our curriculum innovation is enhanced through dedicated e-learning support. Mainstream use of online video, online assessment and submission and real-time online communication within our student communities is developing a distinctive and improved student experience.

Our students access course materials and a range of additional resources through Moodle, our online learning environment, where they can also contribute to online forums. The mySIDE app can also be downloaded freely onto a smartphone or tablet device so you can access your Modules on the go.

Some programmes benefit from a dedicated Facebook page where students can join and interact with each other and tutors about the course they are studying. You are also allocated a student email address upon enrolment on the course.

In order to extend our global reach, some of our programmes are delivered wholly online as distance learning qualifications courses, with the latest webinar technologies utilising e-learning platforms to best effect.


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